Golden Protein paper bag picture

The advancement in fishing technology during the past decades has inadvertently depleted ocean fishes and decreased the world harvest annually. About 75% of the yearly captured fishes were used for direct human consumption and the remaining 25 percent were used mainly for the manufacture of fish meal and oil. Likewise, the annual production of fishmeal and other related by-products consumed by aquaculture feeds is also decreasing at an alarming rate. Its negative effect can be felt as prices of fishmeal nowadays are so high compared to 5 or 10 years ago.

To address this problem, scientists in the field of bio-technology through research and development, has successfully developed methods such as fermentation and hydrolysis to increase the utilization of soyameal by animals to achieve better digestion with enhanced nutrient values.

Hence, fermented soybean meal came into the picture as an important partial or complete substitute for fishmeal. Using fermented soybean meal can totally reduce Salmonella and E. coli problems as against using fishmeal.

Green Era Bio-Tech Corporation is now the first in the Philippines to manufacture fermented soybean meal that uses three (3) series of probiotics that helps to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria inside the animal’s intestine and eventually increases their resistance against diseases.